Welcome to the Pokemon X / Y Contest!

Here are the winners of the Pokemon X / Y Contest. Great artworks everyone!

1st place: Pokemon X and Y : Preparing Lunch by rahimigempak
Pokemon X and Y : Preparing Lunch by Rahimi-AF

2nd place: POKEMON – Let’s Get To Know Each Other :) by iekh1-p3
POKEMON - Let's Get To Know Each Other :) by walad-43

3rd Place: Submission : Pokemon X and Y by Ukhti63
Submission : Pokemon X and Y by Ukhti63

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The Contest is extended until February 10th 2014


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Pokemon X & Y Contest


Muslim Manga challenges you to a Pokemon battle!! In celebration of the new Pokemon game that came out a few months ago, we will be having a contest about Pokemon.

In this contest, four different categories are available in which you can submit your artwork:

1. Choice: You can draw yourself with your pokemon team
2. Choice: You can draw something related to the Pokemon x / y game and make it Islamic
3. Choice: You can draw a fan art of pokemon origins (new anime)
4. Choice: You can draw any character from the pokemon series or games or manga and give them Islamic clothing
Up to one artwork can be submitted by each person into each category allowing for up to four submissions by each person. Winners will be selected in each category and an overall winner will be selected between the winners of each category.


How to win
1. Originality of Pokemon’s anime art style
2. Coloring, shading technique
3. Put some deep thought into the painting(s)
4. Creative themes that are implemented (such as relating the Pokemon type and the art works setting)
5. Relating Islamic themes
6. Make sure to include MuslimManga.org in the corner of your artwork.

What not to do

1. Claiming other’s artworks as yours
2. Drawing characters that show the area of their body that ought not to be shown. (Keep characters modest)
3. Using foul language and profanity
4. Suggestive Themes


Submit your artwork to the ‘Activities and Contests’ folder


January 22, 2014


1st place – 3 month premium membership and a feature of your artwork on the Muslim Manga dA home page.

2nd place – a feature of your artwork on the Muslim Manga  dA home page.

3rd place – a feature of your artwork on the Muslim Manga  dA home page.

If you wish to make this contests even more awesome, please consider donating a price.  send a note to Muslim-Manga for more information.


If you have any questions, please ask them bellow, in the comment section.

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  • Fuhh~~ Finally..
    I was so tired~~
    I think this artwork could be my masterpiece~~ faint
    Okay actually this artwork is for muslim manga contest. I choose choice 4.
    As you can see on this artwork, I featured Serena into Islamic clothing and what do you think
    about it? (Although she partially look like Serena because of my drawing style)
    I also featured another five pokemon which is the pokemon starter for Pokemon X and Y series and
    also two others pokemon. Fennekin, Chespin, Froakie, Kirlia and Sylveon.
    (Logic: water type pokemon withstand heat) (LOL)

    Hijabi Pokemon trainer

  • Submission : Pokemon X and Y

  • Aaa… Finish at last….

    POKEMON – Let’s Get To Know Each Other 🙂

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