Assalam wa Alaykum! Here are the winners of the Naruto / Bleach Fan Manga Contest

1st place – An Enlightening Lesson  by Spring-sky

2nd place – Naruto Islamic FanManga ( Izzah’s Journey) by ichi15


Assalamualaykom everyone,

The Naruto / Bleach Fan Manga Contest is now extended for another month. This contest is now going to be combined with the General Fan Manga Contest. That means that there is only one winner for both these contests.

This is our first Fan Manga Contest, so inshaAllah it will go well.  The Contest is now Open!

General Rules

You should Visit Fan Manga Contest for General Rules and other information

Specific Rules and Instruction

Your Manga (comic) will have to be a side story to Bleach or Naruto.  What that means is you make your own story and have the Naruto or Bleach Characters in it.  The thing is you have to make it Islamic.  I have a couple examples that you can use if you want to, but it should give you an idea of what the contest is about.  One, you can make a story where the characters are all Muslim and you show their day to day life in an Islamic environment with Islamic attitude and behaviors.  Two, you can make a story, where one character has become Muslim and he is telling the other characters of the anime about Islam and how great and peaceful it is, and ultimately at the end of the story, those characters the Muslim character is talking to will become Muslim too.

Those are two examples to get you started, but you can do your own story, but ultimately, there has to be at least one or two characters who have become Muslim in the story.  So be creative!  Also, please only use one series.  Do not combine characters from both Naruto and Bleach into one story.


1st Place – 6 Month Subscription
2nd Place – 75 points
3rd Place – 50 points

The key to winning is also written in the General Rules.

Time: October 1 – October 30 – From now until May 31


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