The winners of the Muslim Unity Contest are now featured on Muslim Manga’s home page on dA.

I believe wanted to interview the winner.  So expect them to contact you soon inshaAllah.

1st Place

One Body ..Same Blood by spring-sky

2nd Place

RTV: Unity by HoshikuzuComics

3rd Place

The winner will have an interview with, unless they do not want to be interviewed.  All unity lovers, please support this site and register on it.

For the Muslim Unity Contest event you will need to create an artwork in anime or manga style that shows Muslims (Sunni, Shia, etc. ) having unity with one another and loving each other.
As we know some people in this world try to create fitna between Muslims.  As we know Muslims lived together without hate after the last prophet (pbuh) passed away. This hate for each other is something new and as true Muslims we should not allow this hate to continue.

Unity does not mean you have to accept each other’s beliefs as your own.  It just means you won’t hate each other, because of that difference in belief.


March 1 – April 15 here:…

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