Muslim Style Fan Art winners:

1st Place – Entry 7. The whole Azumanga Daioh’s cast

2nd Place – Entry 3. Shinku from Rozen Maiden

3rd Place  – Entry 4. L from Death Note / Entry 5. Yoko Ritona from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Though, these 4 entries that were mentioned here won 1st, 2nd or 3rd, I enjoyed and loved every single deviation that was submitted to this contest.  Remember if it was not for the other participants this contest could not be possible and it would not be any fun if we only have 4 entries.  so THANK YOU so much for participating.  I really mean it when I say I love all of them ^_^

–  Voting was in place until November 8th

(All people who submitted a deviation for this contest must to vote.  You cannot vote for yourself though.)

Disclaimer – These entries only represent the views of the authors and artists.  They do not represent the views of Muslim-Manga (group).

Entry 1.  Gutts from Berserk… – by humantyphoon89

“gutts were abandoned under a tree and picked up by a cleric instead of mercenary, now he travel to purge evils and right wrongs, with his dragonslayer of course”

mmfanart: haji muhammad gutts by humantyphoon89  :iconhumantyphoon89:

Entry 2.  Saginomiya Isumi from Hayate no Gotoku… – by chia-4rmfuture

“Isumi comes from Saginomiya family whose are Ghost busters and make this as their main (secret) job…
You don’t need any spell tag or else to make ghosts (satan) get away from you, all you need is just keep close to ALLAH, pray, and always wish for His Protection, since He’s the only one who can help you from any misfortune and any other bad things….
If you can do all above, Ghost (satan) will be affraid of you
but if you don’t , ghost (satan) won’t either…”

Muslim-Manga FanArt by Chia-4rmfuture  :iconchia-4rmfuture:

Entry 3.  Shinku from Rozen Maiden… – by ageha1sbf

MM_Con__Will You Accept It__ by ageha1sBf  :iconageha1sbf:

Entry 4.  L from Death Note… – by e60m

“L reading the Holy Qur’an after a stressful day of battling Kira”.

Muslim-Manga FanArt by e60m  :icone60m:

Entry 5.  Yoko Ritona from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann… – by tieq

“Yoko wishes Muslim-manga will still be number one group for muslim community who loves manga very much”

MM FanArt - Yoko Ritona by tieq  :icontieq:

Entry 6.  Winry from Fullmetal Alchemsit… – by sarroora

MM Fanart - Winry R. by sarroora  :iconsarroora:

Entry 7.  The whole Azumanga Daioh’s cast… – by anisism

There are more 😀

:thumb140688156:  :iconanisism:

Entry 8.  Iruka and Naruto from Naruto
Iruka and Naruto going to mosque… – by spring-sky

“Iruka is the best teacher. He’s not only teaches his student Naruto the principles of being a ninja ; He also teaches him the way to go to heaven by teaching him salat and taking him to the mosque to pray. ”

Going to Mosque by spring-sky  :iconspring-sky:

Entry 9.  Utena (on the left) and Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena… – by hoshikuzucomics

MMFanart Utena and Anthy by HoshikuzuComics  :iconhoshikuzucomics:

Entry 10.  Muslimah Anbu Division from Naruto… – by xearoxas

Muslimah Anbu Division by xearoxas  :iconxearoxas:

Entry 11.  Misty from Pokemon… – by wilpan

Muslim Manga Fan Art Contest by Wilpan  :iconwilpan:

Entry 12.  Sakura and Hinata from Naruto… – by humantyphoon89

wudhu by humantyphoon89  :iconhumantyphoon89:

Entry 13.  Rin and Len from Vocaloid… – by chocoreaper

WTFlux Muslimified Rin n Len? by Chocoreaper  :iconchocoreaper:


October 1st to October 30th


1st – Full view Feature on Muslim-Manga for two weeks
2nd – Feature on Muslim-Manga for one week
3rd – Feature on Muslim-Manga for one week

Short Rules

  • Be creative
  • No profanity
  • No nudity
  • Multiple entries allowed
  • [You] Must be a member of Muslim-Manga
  • Must be anime / manga style
  • Must have a ‘Muslim-Manga’ text in it
  • Must Include a Link to Muslim-Manga on deviantart
    – Must look finished.  It does not have to be colored, but it should look finished
    -You cannot draw from anime/manga that are about profanity.


you will need to create fanArt of an anime or manga you like and make the characters Muslim.  For example if you were going to do Sakura from Naruto, give her  pink hijab (covering her pink hair) and make sure her clothes are covered properly.  Make sure it looks Islamic and appropriate.  Please don’t use Sakura unless you are clueless on what to draw and even then you can note us and we can give you ideas.  We don’t want 20 deviations of Sakura.  There are tons of other animes you could draw from.  And for example if the girl is wearing a mini-skirt from a high school uniform, make sure she is either wearing a long skirt or has pants underneath the mini skirt.  If you want to draw a guy character, you could maybe give Ichigo from Bleach a beard 9 woah O_O) or give him one of the Muslim caps that some Muslims wear).  Maybe you could draw him while reading the Qur’an, or draw him doing Salat (Namaz/praying).  Please be creative and be extra creative and be super extra creative!
One more thing-  You can draw another character reading the Qur’an or doing a Salat (Namaz/praying).  you can take those ideas if you want to.

Make sure to include what character from what anime/manga you are drawing [in the note when you submit it]. You cannot draw from anime/manga that are about profanity.

Also, include text in there like “For Muslim-Manga” or Something like that and a Link to Muslim-Manga’s Deviantart Page  (

If you have any questions, please ask.


When submitting deviations for this event you should title them the following:
“Muslim-Manga FanArt – [you can put what ever else you want here]”
After that, note us at Muslim-Manga with the title being “Muslim-Manga FanArt Contest”

(Sometimes there may be a link at the top of the link to submit your deviations.  You may use it as long as it is there to send the note for this contest)

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