Salaamoalaykom.  All the entries were really awesome. Thank you to everyone who participated.  We really appreciated all your artworks submitted for the Muslim Male OC Contest 2012.  Very nice.  Keep up the good work.
We’re going to start something else.  First of all, we will have the winners results which we got from the polls.  But then we will also include 3 of submissions that we thought were very creative or cute, or unique.  These choices will be chosen by the founder of Muslim Manga.
(In the future, this list may be discussed and chosen by the administrator staff and chosen as a group.)

Winners by vote:

Here are the winners of the Muslim Male OC Contest 2012

1st Place –  The knight by ~Pal590
The knight by Pal590
2nd Place –  Nadir and Mahir by ~Pal590
Nadir and Mahir by Pal590
3rd Place –  Mujahidin Archerby ~ujangzero
Mujahidin Archer by ujangzero
Muslim Manga’s Choice Winners

Say Assalamualaikum! by hikashidou 

This entry is very cute, creative and has a nice message

scholarly ~Dilasude
scholar by Dilasude
The drawing style is very nice and is different than most styles.
The knight by ~Pal590
The knight by Pal590
Super awesome message and drawing
Muslim Brothers by EdeenaAngel
Muslim Brothers by EdeenaAngel
Cute Drawing and nice message


Salaamoalaykom, here is a new contest, since we get a lot of drawigns of female characters submitted to our group and hardly any male characters.


October 25 to November 15th


1st – Full view Feature on Muslim-Manga for two weeks + 3 month subscription
2nd – Feature on Muslim-Manga for one week
3rd – Feature on Muslim-Manga for one week

Short Rules

– Be creative
– No offensive content
– Multiple entries allowed
– [You] Must be a member of Muslim-Manga
– Must be anime / manga style
– Also have a ‘Muslim-Manga’ text in it
– Include in the artwork
– Must have a Muslim Original Male character in it
– And must look finished.  It does not have to be colored, but it should look finished


This should be pretty simple or so I hope.  Draw a male original character of your own that is Muslim.  You can (but do not have to) include other people in the background like a girl with a hijab but the main focus of your deviation should b the male character.

Include ( in your artwork.  It would probably be best in the bottom corner, but if you can incorporate the text somewhere else in your artwork, then you are welcome to do that.  But don’t forget to include it.

If you have any questions, please ask.


Submit these artworks to the “For Muslim Manga” folder, AND post a link to your artwork in the comments bellow.

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