These are the results of the MM Member I.D. contest!

–  First Place: Entry 4 by rahmania
–  Second Place:  Entry 1 by dilafas & Entry 3 by tieq
–  Third Place:  Entry 2 by n00r-h3fez & Entry 5 by wilpan

Congratulations to all participants because you all won this time ^_^

(All people who submitted a deviation for this contest are must to vote.  You cannot vote for yourself though.)

Disclaimer – These entries only represent the views of the authors and artists. They do not represent the views of Muslim-Manga (group).

Entry 1.… – by dilafas

MuslimManga Member ID +DchanV2 by DilaFAS  :icondilafas:

Entry 2. –… – by n00r-h3fez

:thumb140608542:  :iconn00r-h3fez:

Entry 3. –… – by tieq

Muslim-Manga Member ID by tieq  :icontieq:

Entry 4. –… – by rahmania

Muslim-Manga Member ID ,,n_n,, by rahmania  :iconrahmania:

Entry 5. –… – by wilpan

Muslim-Manga Member I.D. by Wilpan  :iconwilpan:


October 1st to October 30th


1st – Full view Feature on Muslim-Manga for two weeks
2nd – Feature on Muslim-Manga for one week
3rd – Feature on Muslim-Manga for one week

Short Rules

– Be creative
– No profanity
– No nudity
– Multiple entries allowed
– Must be a member of Muslim-Manga
– The I.D. must be Anime / Manga style
– I.D. must have a ‘Muslim-Manga’ text in it
– I.D. must Include a Link to Muslim-Manga on deviantart


Make an I.D. for yourself supporting Muslim Manga. Submit this deviation to the deviantID category, and have it as your I.D. for at least the duration of this contest.
This is not a contest for you to make a deviantID for the Muslim-Manga group. It is for yourself, but in it you will show support for Muslim-Manga.

For example, you will have yourself drawn in saying, “I love Muslim-Manga!” or “I support Muslim-Manga!” or “Muslim-Manga rules!” Be creative and only use those examples if you have no idea what to write.
I understand that this may not be clear, so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Also, include a link to Muslim-Manga (group on deviantArt) in your deviation.


When submitting deviations for this event you should title them the following:
“Muslim-Manga Member I.D.”
After that, note us at Muslim-Manga with the title “Muslim-Manga Member I.D. Contest”

(Sometimes there may be a link at the top of the link in order to submit your deviations. You may use it as long as it is there to send the note for this contest)

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