Assalamualaykom everyone,

The End of Occupation Contest is now open.  Don’t forget to tell everyone you know about the contest.

General Rules

You should Visit Manga Contest for General Rules and other information,

Specific Rules and instruction

In the “End the Occupation Contest” you need to make a manga about the situation in Palestine. You can make a manga about the tragedies the Palestinians go through or a manga about a group of people fighting back the occupiers. The story can be fiction, or non fiction. It means it can be a real story or a made up one.

This is a serious manga contest event, so no form of comedy will be accepted for this contest. Try to have a good ending. I know it might be hard, but end the story with something good, like hope or salvation or something like that. Be creative. (If you have an idea, but are not sure if it is acceptable, please send a note to shsn about your story). This can be kind of an action manga contest filled with fighting, conspiracy and evil plots again the main characters, or a story where a peaceful village has to take arms to defend their land. So this could turn out interesting. I hope to get good responses to this manga contest.


1st place – 6 month sub
2nd Place – 2 week feature
3rd place – 2 week feature

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