Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! dancing-cat emoji

Today marks a new month in 2015.

That means it’s the 1st of February…. And what does that mean?
It’s World Hijab Day of course!

:bademoticon: World Hijab day?
Yes. It exists. In fact 140 countries all around the world are celebrating it as we speak!
We believe you should be aware of it too.

:bademoticon: Hang on as sec, remind me on what the Hijab is again?

In a nutshell, the Hijab is a garment that Muslim women wear for piety and modesty.
Even so, it can be worn in many styles and fashions, even coining the term Hijabista for those who like to stylize their Hijab in a more fashion-ful way.

And thus… Muslim-manga presents…

Reading holy Quran 

Draw me a Hijab Mini-Contest!!!

Reading holy Quran 

This mini-contest is basically a form of an art trade activity.
…Except that there will also be some prizes for the best entries!

The rules are simple:

  1. Choose a manga/anime character that you want someone to draw in the Hijab.
    (OCs are accepted as long as there is reference)
  2. Comment that you want to join this activity in the comment section below,
    along with your chosen character
  3. Last date to comment your participation: 
    11:59PM 7 February 2015 (EST)
  4. We will randomly select your art trade partner
  5. Submit your finished part latest by 
    11:59PM 14 February 2015 (EST) to be eligible for the prizes
  6. Remember: clothings must not be tight or revealing unnecessarily
  7. Have fun!

It’s a win-win situation! Everyone gets to see their favourite character in the hijab :D

Not to forget…

Bunny Emoji-03 (Happy) [V1] the top 3 entries will also be getting prizes!Bunny Emoji-03 (Happy) [V1] 

we can’t tell you the prizes yet though, so stay tuned!

Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Now, what are you waiting for? Spread the love for hijabs! Why not tag a friend?Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5]

Who’s joining the art trade so far?

  1. :iconnaomi-ness: – Wants Hatsune Miku
  2. :icontinah-chan: – Wants Kuriyama Mirai
  3. :iconbianoka: – Wants OC (…)
  4. :iconsasaqrenz: – Wants Sakura Kinomoto (…)
  5. :iconallbuffeatmeat: – Wants Madoka from Madoka Magika
  6. :iconroyszawa: – Wants Tewi Inabi
  7. :iconkittycatstudio: – Wants OC Phiphi
  8. :iconcyprusbeetle: – Wants Misty from Pokemon
  9. :iconsaradesigner:
  10. :iconhiba77: – Wants Amu Hinamori – Shugo Chara
  11. :iconhellonabeeha: – Wants Sarada Uchiha from Naruto
  12. :iconchamomilliya: – Wants Sakura Chiyo from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (…)
  13. :iconpiyoa: Wants OC (tika new design reference)
  14. :iconlaily95: Wants elsa/anna from Frozen
  15. :iconfamys:

Closing date for joining is 11:59PM 7th of February 2015 (EST)

Remember: All characters MUST be drawn with the Hijab and modestly so ^__^

UPDATE2: The deadline has been extended to 20th of February 2015 ^_^

It seems like we have 15 participants! As that’s an odd number,
one of the Muslim manga admins will act as the 16th participant.

16. :iconsirimran: Wants Korra from Legend of Korra

Without further ado, here’s the partners for the art trade! Totally randomized by yours truly :)
10:iconhiba77: , 3:iconbianoka:
7:iconkittycatstudio: , 12:iconchamomilliya:
5:iconallbuffeatmeat: , 2:icontinah-chan:
8:iconcyprusbeetle: , 4:iconsasaqrenz:
13:iconpiyoa: , 1:iconnaomi-ness:
16:iconsirimran: , 14:iconlaily95:
11:iconhellonabeeha: , 6:iconroyszawa:
9:iconsaradesigner:, 15:iconfamys:

Please submit your completed artwork before 11:59PM 14 20 February 2015 (EST) to
be eligible for the mini contest prizes!

Our other ongoing contests:

1. It’s all about Peace CONTEST (Ends 18th February)

Phiphi | AT by Chamomilliya Amu Hinamori - Shugo Chara in Hijab by BianOkaKorra Muslimah by Laily95Sakura Chiyo Hijab by kittycatstudioHatsune Miku with Veil by piyoaHikari Faith by hiba77 Art Trade - Elsa in the Hijab by SirImranSakura Khadijah! by CyprusBeetleMuslim manga contest AT: OC Tika by Naomi-ness

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