Clamp Fan Art Contest

AsSalaamualaykum, welcome to the Clamp Fan Art Contest

Ok, so we had some issues with the site when this event was supposed to be taking place, so there may have been a chance that not everyone who wanted to participate in the contest was able to understand the rules and the deadline and all that stuff, so we’re going to extend it until July 22nd.
Sorry if this is a disappointment for those who were able to participate.

For more information, go here:…

AsSalaamualaykum everyone.

So we’re going to have this fan art contest until May 30th. More information can be found here:…

For dA members, you may choose to get a 3 month sub or points instead of the prize offered on the site.  Also, make sure to submit your entries for this contest to the For Muslim Manga folder.

As usual, its going to be a Muslim style fan art contest.  If you are unfamiliar with that, take a look at our fan art folder to see what kind of fan art is there.  (Or you can look at the featured folder .  We put some of the fan arts over there as well)

If you have any questions, please comment bellow or on the website.

:star: Entries :star:

Cardcaptor Sakura ::CE:: by michi-ki Tsubasa Li - Supporting Freedom by SirImran TRC Couple prepares for Ramadan by wanahmadfiras Card Captor Sakura : Let's Read the Quran by spring-sky Gift from Nature (CLAMP's X/1999 Muslim Fanart) by Harumikoto Islamic Kobato by dandandanao Daily Devotions by suppiechan25 BE STRONG, JUNDI! (CLAMP's X/1999 Muslim Fanart) by Harumikoto Sakura Hijab by ainosora Hijab Sakura Colored by ikah92 Card Captor Sakura Wearing Hijab by Reemo1998

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