Assalamu’alaykum everyone, the August 4-KOMA Contest has ended!

We have long been overdue with the deadline of the August 4-KOMA Contest  (it was supposed to end on September 4th)
It’s a bit hard for us to end this contest… as we were actually hoping for more entries from everyone before ending this contest
(guess you were all probably a bit busy with life, as usual). 

No worries though, we still got ONE amazing entry, Alhamdulillah.

Therefore, we would like to announce the sole entry and sole winner to Muslim-Manga’s 4-Koma contest


:iconiliani: iliani
with her entry
“Short Stories: 4-Koma”
4KOMA - Cover by iliani
4KOMA - The Books by iliani4KOMA - Give It All by iliani4KOMA - They Will Talk by iliani
4KOMA - Fullmonth by iliani4KOMA - Wudhu' by iliani4KOMA - Smile by iliani

If you haven’t yet, please do yourself a favor and read her 4-Koma! It is more than worth the time

1st place: 
month subscription + feature on Muslim-Manga
– Head shot / Bust worth USD 20 by AinLavendra

Well… that’s all for the August 4-KOMA Contest, folks!
Time to get ready for the next activity!

Don’t know what 4-Koma is?  Read this:…
Have a question? send a note to Muslim-Manga

[This contest is being extended for one month.] InshaAllah we will see some nice entries ^_^

OK, we’re going to have our 4-Koma Contest now:
The Idea:

Draw a 4 panel comic (4-Koma or YonKoma) that tells a story of the general life of a Muslim.  So the everyday life.  Its pretty simple. You can make it funny, or you can make it serious.  Its up to you.  We will provide some example types of stories that you can choose from very soon,  but  you are welcome to be creative and come up with your own unique story.  Each 4 panel page should be like a small story of it’s own.  You can choose to make totally unrelated stories or you can make all the stories related.  You can look at the link provided above for more information.


Traditional Yonkoma layout

The general Rules:
  • The goal is to create a more positive portrayal of Muslims, so anything that goes against this idea will not be accepted.
  • No profanity.
  • You will need 6 pages and 1 cover page.
  • Include in the corner of your cover page.
  • Avoid serious political messages, other than peace and love for everyone.
  • Don’t submit watermarked files to dA and email the original sized files, especially if you win, so we can print, translate, etc. if we choose to do so.
  • I might add some more rules if I forgot to write them, so check back.
  • 1) A moment during Ramadhan
  • 2) How a Muslim interacts with a non Muslim
  • 3) A Muslim saving someone from a danger of some type. it might be real danger or it might be danger of failing a class. or something like that.
  • 4) show a Muslim doing a kind deed
  • 5) How do Muslims help the environment
  • 6) Weird things people think about Muslims and how they might be untrue.
  • 7) The types of Muslims you’ll meet on the road
  • 8) What Muslims do in their free time
  • 9) Your own idea

The aim of the contest and all these ideas are to somehow create a more accurate and positive image of Muslims.  So choose a topic or idea that will help you achieve that goal.

July 4th to August 4th 2014 September 4th 2014
1st place:
3 month subscription + feature on Muslim-Manga
– Head shot / Bust worth USD 20 by AinLavendra
2nd place:
feature on Muslim-Manga
Halfbody animation/EmoFuri by U-Star-X
3rd place:
feature on Muslim-Manga

If you would like to donate prizes to this contest such as points, premium membership, a drawing, etc. please send a note to Muslim-Manga or SumairiiSan

1. 4KOMA - Cover by iliani

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