Assalamwaalaykum everyone!

Welcome to the Anniversary 2011 Contest. It’s voting Time! Please vote for the deviation you want to win by sending a note with, the deviation name, the artist, and your reason why you think they need win.

Salaams everyone. Anniversary 2011 Contest is here!  Please Read the rules and all other information written here…

Remember:  This is for new art only.  We are not accepting old art for this contest.

May 1st 2009 is the day I started the Muslim-Manga group on deviantArt.  Since May 1st has come again, we want to celebrate Muslim-Manga’s Anniversary.

The basic idea of this event is to create a an anime or manga style deviation that supports Muslim-Manga.  You must still follow general rules of the group and the drawings must be appropriate.  Read the rules that are posted here…

1st place:
Orange Lime Flavor by UmmuVonNadia
2nd Place:
Happy Anniversary.. by PiNkDuRoQa Congratulation MM by FoeFriend
3rd Place:
Muslim Manga Anniversary 2011 by Kauthar-Sharbini Happy Anniversary MM by nohya Muslim-Manga Anniversary by jann-massu-28120407

Time: May 1 – Jun 20 here:…

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