Alhamdulillah Contest

Assalam wa alaykum everyone! We have our winners of the Alhamdulillah Contest. First of all, we are sorry for all of those who did not win, because all of the entries were great!

1st Place
by spring-sky
My Family: My Treasure by spring-sky
2nd Place
by Ikaramel
3rd Place
by vanillaXhermit
Alhamdulillah by vanillaXhermit

The contest is now over!  Please read the Voting Rules and information… (here).  All Participants must vote, but you can’t vote for yourself.

The contest is now closed

Everyone, I am writing this new part to clarify something.  First of all, please read the rules.  Second of all, in your artwork you need to be thanking God for something.  It needs to be something like Alhamdulillah for something, or Alhamdulillah I have something.  Saying Alhamdulillah, then stopping and making a new sentence or phrase, and saying something else is not what the contest is asking. You need to be explicitly* thanking Allah (God).

Good Examples:

1.  “Alhamdulillah (Thank you Allah*) for the clothes I have” – you can user for, when its an object

2.  “Alhamdulillah (I thank you Allah*), because I am not sick” – you can use because when it is a condition

  1.  I have been able to do all my homework today, “Alhamdulillah” (Thanks to God*). – When it is a verb, you can use this example

*Note, don’t actually use the English translation of Alhamdulillah .  I just wrote that there, to show what the English equivalent would be.

Bad examples

1.  “Alhamdulillah (Thank you Allah). I always think of you when I wear my clothes” – nice statement and attitude, but not correct for this contest.

2.  “Alhamdulillah (I thank you Allah). You are awesome because, I am not sick” – Allah is awesome, but this is not very clear that you are thanking him.

3.  Praise to Allah, “Alhamdulillah” (Thanks to God) , because I have been able to do all my homework today – This isn’t clearly saying Alhamdulillah.

*[Explicitly = Fully and clearly expressed]


The prize is a three month subscription. Remember we don’t add the anymore. Just add

Please make sure to read all the rules here… . If you break a rule, we may not accept your artwork into the contest.

You are to draw something you are grateful to Allah (God) for.  Then add “Alhamdulillah, [insert what you are grateful for here]” written on the drawing. – (“Alhamdulillah” = “Thank God”)

Time: August 1 – September 8 here:…

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