Aya and Cat

oh my another cat that’s is my chance to kindnap her and Muhahaha! +W+ but then I might end up being seen with her owner which is not really good because they might look at me in an awkward way like what are you doing with my cat?! =3= I AM SORRY I JUST LOVE CATS QvQ that could be an answer but then they might call the cops on me or get me into a hospital because she might think I am crazy or something! =x=; ah but that’s just over thinking it’s properly over thinking beside it can also just be a street cat.

I wonder what aya going to think about this cat Owo? one thing for sure she give me that scary glare if aya found out about my plan =3=, no worries <_<; I will not bother them or anything just going to go a head and play along and see if anything going to happen in this comic.






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