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Yugi Uh Oh

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FanArt It’s time to d-d-duel! It’s your move! Yugi Uh Oh..! Yugi is facing a worthy opponent! Who are they?…
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3.3 The Passionate Sensei

Muslim Manga Club / Chapter 3 / Episode 3 Muslim Manga Club “The Passionate Sensei”. A new chapter has started…

Podcast Late

WaSalam The Podcast is Late! “Keep it Genki” is a Podcast by the Muslim Manga Community a.k.a. Nur City Do you…

Muslim Mama Comics Iftar

WaSalam Aya and Sura are preparing their mini Iftar party for “a Muslim Mama Comics” and her adorable children x3…

Fun Puns: Dates Pun

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WaSalam Fun Dates Pun with Aya! We have another Ramadan joke too. Look through our profile. You’ll find it 🙂 Do…

Cookie Knights Shirt

WaSalam Cookie Knights Shirt is available at our Shop! Do you like this? Then please support us by becoming our patreon…

Fun Puns: Japan Pun

WaSalam Fun Japan Pun with Aya! Do you like this? Your support literally enables us to make these kinds of…

Aya and TikaToon

WaSalam When you forgot you were fasting 🙁 A Fanart with Aya from Muslim Manga and Atika from TikaToon! Hope…

Fun Puns: Ramadan Pun

WaSalam Fun Ramadan Pun with Aya! Share your best silly jokes with us in the comments! Also, please share this…
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3.2 The Kind Sensei

Muslim Manga Club / Chapter 3 / Episode 2 Muslim Manga Club “The Kind Sensei”. New classes, new teachers. A…