Muslim Manga Club Q & A

Muslim Manga Club / Q & A

Muslim Manga Club “Muslim Manga Club Q & A”. Time for a commercial break! Finally, Muslim Manga has a time to relax and enjoy answering some questions sent by their audience for this series. I wonder what kind of questions they’ve picked. Did they pick any of my questions that
I sent to them?! OWO I wonder if they did! I am really their biggest fan!! =3=; Let’s not hope too much, I don’t want to feel disappointed if they didn’t! Anyways, let’s not waste more of your time, so you can enjoy reading the comic instead of all that extra text that I created as a way to communicate with you guys, when nobody’s looking… enjoy ;3

MMC Question & Answer - 1

Muslim Manga Club Q & A - 2

Muslim Manga Club Q & A - 3

Muslim Manga Club Q & A - 4

Muslim Manga Club Q & A - 5

Muslim Manga Club Q & A - 6

Muslim Manga Club Q & A - 7

Muslim Manga Club is a tale of two Japanese Muslim siblings, Aya and Sura, attending high school in Japan. The story revolves around those characters and their crazy adventures with their classmates and friends, and also with Poji.

This is a weekly comic about the mascot characters Aya, Sura, and Poji. We release this comic on Thursdays on this here on, Webtoons, as well as social media and Patreon with early access!

You may read this Comic series on WebToon! And also on our social networking channels. So make sure to be following us everywhere you can find us. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so on.

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