Stretch (Part 2)

Muslim Manga Club/ Chapter 4 / Episode 8

Stretch (Part 2) due to popular demand stretch got part 2 yay! =w= not really sure what’s this all about what whatever it’s it can’t be that bad can it?! I mean normally when you stretch you get that feeling of ease followed by a sound of bone breaking! wait a minute! I just hope it’s not actual breaking one because that would be awful! I don’t want to go to the hospital for this QxQ! Anyways, I wonder what is this episode is going to be about because the last one was good and funny too I hope this one is going to be the same! I will stop talking now! you can scroll down to the comic now! =3=

Stretch (Part 2)

Muslim Manga Club is a tale of two Japanese Muslim siblings, Aya and Sura, attending high school in Japan. The story revolves around those characters and their crazy adventures with their classmates and friends, and also with Poji.

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