A Comic by Vastarantakettu that we need to read from left to right and is based on Abir Sharafs true Story.

Family is precious and dear to us. So leaving them, even for love, isn’t easy and we’ll soon miss them. Abir Sharaf is a Muslima struggling and wishing to see hers, since obtaining the permit to visit Gaza is becoming harder.

abir sharafs story

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Muslim Manga is also a group on DeviantArt 
There, we are promoting the understanding of Islam and a more accurate perspective of Muslims as being good and peaceful humans. We want to teach young Muslim youth Islamic Lessons and also want to teach them lessons in Islamic Teachings. Contests of Muslim Manga are also held there for you to submit.

DeviantArt is a Website with a collection of online artwork, videography and photography since August 2000. Groups and individuals can organize and structure their submissions in its specific categories.


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