For Inktober 2019 Muslim Manga has launched an own prompt list for the art challenge! Feel free to use our prompt list!

Use the hashtag #MMinktober on Facebook or #MMinktober on Instagram, so we can see your wonderful art for Inktober 2019! We will pick our favorite, share it on our stories. So please tag your friends, if you would like to share~ You can also share your artwork in Nur.City.  An imaginative corner of the online world, where we help Aya and Sura save the rest of the world by being creative, writing stories, making games, and just having fun with each other. Join the community and start making long lasting friendships today!


How to submit an artwork right on this website

Please do not attach your submission here. Click on any of the Prompts (pictures) bellow to learn more about the prompt and to attach your submission to that specific prompt. Jazak Allah Khair.


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Your support literally enables us to make and host these comics.  If you like what you see, please consider helping us out.  If you do so via Patreon, there will also be cool rewards / gifts that you can get for your contributions. Jazak Allah Khair!

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  • Can we do it in 2020 to?

  • Noob artist
    May 4, 2020 2:53 pm

    Are you going to make 2020 inktober?If you do, when are you going to do

    • Inktober happens in October. It is too early right now to give details of what we will be doing next inktober, but we are always having activities, so inshaAllah there will be something for you to participate in. Additionally, you can participate in the challenges we have at your own pace, so you are welcome to participate in our inktober 2019 activities even in 2020. Right now, we have the Ramadhan Drawing challenges going on. Again, you can participate at your own pace and can do these prompts for the challenge even after Ramadhan, if you so wished to do so.

      You can see a list of the challenges here:

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