Draw Ayeh Activity

Disclaimer about the “Draw Ayeh Activity”: This is an older challenge from 2011. So some of the information and details about characters, methods of submission, etc. may have changed. You can still participate in this activity by attaching your submission below.


Voting for this activity has started and is currently in round 1. If you still want to participate, you can. There will be a round 2 and then final round.  If we get many more submissions, we may add additional voting rounds.  The Character in the Muslim Manga Logo’s name is Ayeh (アイェ)It is pronounced “a” as in father and “yeh”  as in yen.
Why don’t we have an draw Ayeh activity?
Anyone who is interested, please draw the character, submit it to the group, and post a link bellow in the comment section.  Show us your creativity!!!!

Draw Ayeh Activity

We are now closing the “Draw Ayeh Activity” .

We are very thankful for all of your beautiful entries and are so glad to see our lovely mascot Ayeh** being drawn by your skillful hands in so many different designs and styles!

Despite this not being as an official contest, but we are making polls. So we can allow our members to choose their favorite one to be featured in our front page in a special costume box .

If you haven’t voted yet ..You might want to check these polls :

::Ayeh:: Pray The Great Weapon of Muslim by niwa5   Ayeh by KuroiRingo  In Nature Bowl by UmmuVonNadia  Ayeh Of Muslim Manga by kurosaki-yon  Ayeh Fan Art by CyprusBeetle  Ayeh Muslim Manga by myst-o  Kawaii Ayeh by tieq  Ayeh by Orangeluna  Chibi Ayeh by LovableLuma  Ayeh by ockbaenma  Cute Ayeh by DoRaR  Ayeh Smile by DoRaR  Ayeh by sierasita  Ayeh WIP by zenvuitton  Ayeh.. by PiNkDuRoQa  Ayeh in the Sky with Diamonds by Chocoreaper  Ayeh by yazzanime  Ayeh by zenvuitton  Ayeh by Dilasude

If you had made an entry and it’s not featured here, please notify us so that we can add it and we can make the third round poll. It will contain the rest of the drawing that haven’t been voted on yet .

    •  Now go and give those artist some love ,they do deserve it


    •  We’ll see you in another activity soon ,God willing Salam brothers and sisters .


**  The Character in the Muslim Manga Logo’s name is Ayeh (アイェ)It is pronounced “a” as in father and “yeh”  as in yen.  

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