Daily Challenge: Ramadhan Edition 2020

Please do not attach your submission here. Click on any of the Prompts (pictures) bellow to learn more about the prompt and to attach your submission to that specific prompt. Jazak Allah Khair.

Current Prompts

We are going to have different daily prompts for you during Ramadhan, so feel free to join us in drawing these prompts and to go at your own pace. You can participate in the “Daily Challenge: Ramadhan Edition 2020” even after Ramadhan, there is no deadline!


1. Prompt: Let’s welcome Ramadhan with a drawing that shows how we feel!
2. Prompt: Take a moment to reflect on the difficulties and tragedies that are happening these days. Create an artwork to show your support for these people.
3. Prompt: Sending greeting cards is always fun. Well let’s make our own greeting card to send to friends and loved ones. We at Muslim Manga also have a free greeting card for you. swipe up to download it and share it with everyone.
4. Prompt: Draw your best memories of Sahoor
5. Prompt: Draw what you enjoy having for iftar.
6. Prompt: Muslim Manga has been around for 11 years.
We wanted to do a quick little celebration of that. So please draw this in your style.
7. Prompt: Draw a video call or group call between you and others.
8. Prompt: Draw a challenging yet fulfilling experience you have had in Ramadhan
9. Prompt: Find a group or community you like and share your time with them.
Create a drawing in support of a group or community that matters to you. We at MuslimManga also take volunteers, so if you have more time these days, please head over to MuslimManga.org/apply
10. Prompt: We have a community at www.nur.city
You can join the community there, and make a lot of new friends. Draw yourself in Nur City with your new friends.
11. Prompt: Imagine a better time unfolding where would you go and what would you see? Draw that place
12. Prompt: Breaking bread with others is a wonderful blessing. If now you could, with whom would you have Iftar? Make a drawing of this.
13. Prompt: Dates are an awesome power food with so many health benefits. Muslims love eating them, and it is a common practice to break one’s fast with a date. For this prompt, draw this fruit, or a character eating this fruit.
14. Prompt: Reflection. Think about where you are going in life and why. Think about what is your purpose and just reflect if you are going in the direction you wish to be going in. So if you have extra time, you can also make an art submission based on this idea.
15. Prompt: Dua.
16. Prompt: Share a recipe for your favorite food in an illustrative way.
17. Prompt: Selflessness. What is one way you can be selfless in your life. Illustrate what this means to you and how you can be selfless.
18. Prompt: What was your best Ramadhan memory? Illustrate that.
19. Prompt: Injustice everywhere, support for those oppressed in their lands. Make a drawing to show your support for those who are oppressed.
20. Prompt: Eid mubarak! Let us draw how we celebrate Eid~

This page may get updated with more prompts.

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