Aya and her friends

Asalaamwaalaykum, this is what we call an “activity”, so you as the member submit artwork to show support for Muslim-Manga. There may or may not be a prize. If you like to donate a prize for the activities/challenges or even events, please email [email protected] Jazak Allah Khair.

For this new week’s activity, please submit a drawing of Muslim Manga Club protagonist Aya and her friends doing something. They could be drinking tea, attending school, doing sport, etc. It’s up to you.  So you can come up with who are Ayeh’s friends.  All normal submission rules apply, so nothing inappropriate is accepted and please do have fun!


Ayeh and her friends by dandandanao

Ayeh And Her Friend by XxXtOMATOfaceXxX


Would you like to see more Muslim Manga Artworks? We have a collection of funny, inspiring or even serious artworks with Islamic topics as well as Muslim characters. Such as “Pray for Sudan”, “Home is Dua” or “Our Hearts are with You”. And feel free to check out the artworks submitted by the community for various art challenges!

Your support literally enables us to make and host these kinds of Artworks. If you consider helping us out, please do so via Patreon. There will also be cool rewards / gifts that you can get for your contributions. Thank you very much!


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