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One Mans Curse…

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One mans curse is another mans blessing “One mans curse is another mans blessing” is a Tuffix story about how we may think we are cursed and live an awful life, but in fact there are other humans struggling more than us. So for many of us this is reason…

Wiggle Wisaal

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SUMMARY: Wiggle Wisaal. Wisaal lives in an everyday western city, and she is just a regular teenage girl; Or is she? She discovers that she has been given a special gift! Whenever she could improve on something, or whenever there is a chance for her to be a better person,…

The Sign

SUMMARY: The Sign. When a young man feels lost and depressed, he searches desperately to find some sort of sign that would tell him that Islam is the right path. Does he find what he’s looking for? With art and story by ‘Tuffix’, these deep and heart-warming story will make…