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Welcome to Muslim Manga. By using Muslim Manga (including MuslimManga.org and its related groups and projects on other websites), you agree to the following terms and policies with Muslim Manga. If you have any questions, please contact us via email or social media.  
This Agreement is effective on September 1, 2010, for current users, and upon acceptance for new users.   (Last edited  on March 24, 2017)

Knowing the rules and policies on Musilm Manga can help you become a more successful member of the Muslim Manga community. So before submitting any artworks to Muslim Manga, make sure you read, understand, and regularly check our policies and any other agreements that may come up in the future. This can help you avoid possible problems in the future.

Good Etiquette policy
If someone submits Muslim Manga artwork, even if the level of artwork does not meet your personal defined level for hiquality, it is still good to encourage the artist , by  at least writing a comment or givingthem some feedback and or maybe thank them for making such an artwork.  However if you want to say something rude, it’s better that you say nothing at all.  This policy can’t necesarily and won’t necesarily be enforced, but is highly recommended to be followed.   If something innapropriate is mentioned, we urge you to report it to a moderator for them to take the best action possible.

Good Comments Policy
Be nice.  Don't use profanity.  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  

Contests Policy
Please read all the information written for contests and especially the rules.  You may feel the rules of all the contests are the same, but they change and if you don’t read them, the chances of you breaking those rules are very high.  Also make sure to read any of the subplimantary blog / information articles written  They are written to help you do better in contests or make you aware of other groups and projects you may also be interested in.  

If you submit an artwork to Muslim Manga's contest, you're allowing for it to also be posted on Muslim Manga  social networking sites (such as facebook, twitter, etc.)  as well as the Muslim Manga website.  (MuslimManga.org ).  

Membership Policy
You do not have to be a Muslim, to be a member, but we do ask you to respect Muslims' beliefs.  If you're a Muslim, you should also be respecting  Muslim's beleifs (as in other Muslim sect's beliefs for example).  
Also violence or profanity of any sort is not allowed.  

Administrative Policy
We have the right to remove artwork, or anything that is related to your account for any reason.  More than likely though, this will only be happening if you are found breaking a Muslim Manga rule.

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