What to Submit Where

What to Submit Where

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What to Submit Where

Journal Entry:

Artwork submitted here should be in Japanese Anime or Manga style; however excpetions can be made.  

single paged artwork with panels would be submitted here

Original Manga Artwork
Your drawing of Muslim characters go in this section. 
What can you not submit to this section?  
You cannot submit photographs, calligraphy artworks, or artworks that only have a  non Muslim character in them.  
We do accept artworksthat have both Muslims and non-Muslims, but the Muslim character must be the main object in the artwork  

Can I submit a artworkof a Muslim girl that doesn't have a hijab on?  
Yes and no.  If you are using your artwork to tell others that hijab is not needed, we will not accept your artwork, but if you have submitted a drawing of your character with the hijab and want to submit another one of her at home without her hijab you may, but you should discuss it with an moderator first, letting them know why you think your artwork should be placed in the Manga Art category. 

Only Muslim style fanArt of Animes or Mangas should be submitted here.  You should have the name of the anime or manga in the comments so the admin looking at your artwork knows that it is indeed a fanart of an anime or manga. 

Please make a note of the anime or manga you are making a fanArt of in your description so we know that you are indeed submitting a fanArt and not submitted to that category by accident

What can you not submit to this category?  
You cannot submit fanart that is not in an islamic style.

graphic design images such as logos, stickers, stamps, etc. can be submitted here 

The rules vary on what can be submitted here.  Read the individual contests for more information.  

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